The building of the Oslavia Ossuary dates back to 1938, in correspondence with “quota” (=height) 153 of Mount Calvario (=Calvary) based on a project by Ghino Venturi, a Roman architect. The complex, which rises on Mount Calvario, had been built at the behest of the Fascist Regime to bring together the bodies of the soldiers fallen during the battles of WW1 fought in the zone of Gorizia and Tolmino (nowadays in Slovenia).

The Ossuary, triangular-shaped, consists of four towers, one for each vertex of the figures plus one, at the centre. Each one of these is connected to the others through tunnels and preserves inside its burial plots some identified dead soldiers, placed along the walls, for about a total of 20,000 names, among whom are 138 Austro-Hungarians. The other 37,000 nameless bodies (539 of which non-Italians), have instead been buried in three great ossuaries placed at the centre of the three side towers.
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