The Ungaretti Park "De il Porto Sepolto" (=of the buried harbour)was set up at the behest of the Association of the Friends of Castel Nuovo di Sagrado and has been developed based on a project by architect Paolo Bornello.

The Park rises in the places where the first Isonzo battles were fought and is dedicated to poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, who wrote his first collection of poems, ”Il Porto Sepolto” (=the Buried Port) just in the Carso di Sagrado trenches. The park and the Villa that belong to it tell three great stories: the Karst (=Carso) landscape, the echoes of the Great War and Ungaretti’s poetry, along a route which, from the garden of the villa, through the olive trees of the park, leads to the ruins of a military garrison remembered by the poet.
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