Palamanova, a nine-pointed, star-shaped fortress town built between the XV and XVII centuries, has recently entered UNESCO’s Patrimony, as part of the Republic of Venice’s “modern-type” defence systems, both on land and at sea.

The town is at the same time a model of a Renaissance town and an example of military architecture. The Piazza Grande (=great square), placed exactly at the centre of the fortress, houses a permanent exhibition of studied tools and machines used to build the fortress of Palma. In September’s first week, at Palmanova, is held a reenactment, during which over eight hundred reenactors wearing XVII cent. costumes, remember the beginning of the Uskoks’ War between the Hapsburg Austria and the Republic of Venice, who owned Palmanova up to the fall of the Serenissime at the hands of Napoleon in 1797.
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