Just a few steps from the town square that overlooks the Cormons Municipality, there are pleasant paths that lead to Mount Quarin. One of the trail, the Porton Ros, traces out along the ancient path that leads to the castle (km 1), which is also known as the steepest path, called Cret Paradis (km 1,6). Both paths lead to the top of the mount (274 m), where you can find the ruins of a Romanesque fortified tower and the wonderful seventeenth-century church of Our Lady of Succour. From there, you can enjoy a spectacular view that spreads from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. A couple of years ago the Quarin mount started hosting La Fiesta da Viarte, an event that celebrates spring on the penultimate Sunday of May along the Cret Paradis trail. Viarte in Friulian means ‘’opening”, and during the celebration, yards of gardens of the locals are publicly open for visitors who can enjoy traditional foods, wines and drinks. An absolutely incredible experience not to be missed!

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