A golden isle with Venetian features, Grado is made precious by a maze of islets forming its suggestive lagoon. Among Friuli Venezia-Giulia’s major tourist destinations, Grado is renowned for its fully SOUTH-oriented beaches, sun-kissed day in day out, and in zones that are variously equipped, to meet all of its guests’ requirements. From the most exclusive area to the sports zone, from the section devoted to mums and their children, to the free access area.

The little town is charming also for its historical centre (pedestrians only!), where early Christian buildings can be admired: Saint Euphemia’s Basilica, from which rises Saint Michael’s Anzolo, itself symbol of the town, with the Baptistery, the Stone Tablet Museum (=Lapidario) and the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie (=St. Mary of the Graces), the oldest in Grado. The very central Biagio Marin square, fulcrum of the town’s life, is dedicated to the outstanding local poet: here you can admire the ruins of the ancient settlement called “Basilica della Corte”. The people of this land, who have always lived on fishing, used the typical, still be found reed “casoni” (=rustic huts), as their refuge. The sea cookery therefore, processing extremely ancient traditions, is represented by its most famous, typical dish: boreto and graisàna.
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