Starting in the XVI century, Gradisca d’Isonzo took on a key role in the defence system set up by the State of Venice against Turkish invasions. As a matter of fact, the Most Serene Republic fortified it in 1479 with an enceinte enclosing the historical centre. There was a keen surge in the growth of Gradisca’s architectural patrimony when owned by the Eggenberg princes between the XVII and XVIII century, its mutation from town into the Princely County of Gradisca having already taken off.

The four centuries of Hapsburg influence have left a deep historical footprint, which nowadays combines with keen, commercial and cultural liveliness. Many restaurants and refreshment points: among them all is to be cited “La Serenissima” Regional Wine Bar, where one may taste Friuli Venezia-Giulia’s best wines. Unquestionably, its most characteristic produce item is wine, in its various typical qualities of the C.D.O. Isonzo zone.
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