The ancient town of Duino/Devin is placed between Mount Ermada/Grmada (m. 323) and the white cliffs plunging into the Adriatic Sea. Several are the attractions to be visited, including the romantic ruins of the old castle and the new castle with its imposing halls, its park, the bunker and the breathtaking view on to the Gulf of Trieste.

Also, there is the small harbour, Dante’s islet, the Cernizza/Črničje wood, through which can be reached the palaeontological site and river Isonzo’s springs. Attractive excursions are Mount Ermada with its sinkholes, grottos, WW1 trenches and the ruins of Coische/ Kohišče. Through the Duino Cliffs Natural Reserve unfolds the Rilke track, a walkway that you must absolutely wend, to enjoy its spectacular vistas.
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