Attimis (196 m. above sea level) is a lovely village located between hills and mountains along Marina river; the village is located in a super green area which is very famous for its vineyards, beech, chestnut and oak woods, which sign the line between the plain to the actual mountain. The charm of ancient history with the remains of Superiore, (XII sec.), Inferiore (XIII sec.) and the restored manor of Partistagno Castle that together with the inside church of S. Osvaldo whose apse frescoed in the fourteenth century is very interesting visit together with the Medieval Archaeological Museum.

Among the main points of interest there is also Villa d’Attimis Strassoldo XVII sec., the paintings of the Thanner painter of the sixteenth century in the church of San Silvestro fraction of Racchiuso or the church of S. Antonio Abate in the small village called Forame - You can feel a strong spirituality and devotion in the Votive Chapel in Porzus dedicated to the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin, today it is still a destination of many pilgrimages, sentiments that clash with the suffering perpetrated at the Malghe dell’Ecidio (February 7th , 1945) a national monument that remind us to one of the saddest events of the Italian resistance. The village of Attimis is a very special place above all for trekking thanks to a network of well-marked trails which is a very large web connection with the whole area.
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