The Ara Pacis Mundi monument, to be found on top the Medea hill (GO), was built in 1951, based on a project by the Milanese architect Mario Baciocchi. A symbol of grief and of destruction, which, in every war, brings together both winners and losers, it represents also the vow for a world of peace, freedom and justice.

Inside is to be found an urn with the inscription "Odium parit mortem, vitam progignit amor" (Hate bears death, love generates life). In this urn are collected the clods of earth from the 800 Italy-based, national and foreign, war graveyards, to which are added those brought from other parts of the world and 800 shells containing the earth of the internment and extermination camps and, moreover, the ampoules with sea water taken from the spots of the Mediterranean Sea where ships of various nations sank and thousands of soldiers died.
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