August 23, 2018


On Wednesday 22 August there were many participants in the round table arranged at Grado by SKÅL FVG – Friuli Venezia Giulia to talk about: “Cycle tourism, e-bike & intermodality for sustainable tourism”. The event was an interesting moment for reflection. Hereafter is provided an abstract of the speeches!

pastedGraphic.png🚲The meeting was not missed by Josko Sirk –President of the Gorizia Province Hotel Federation, & promoter of the “Loving and cycling” project –, who took the opportunity to stress the importance of teamwork and of creating a services network on the territory.

pastedGraphic.png🚲 Also present was Dario Raugna – Grado’s mayor –who illustrated his operation, aimed at opening up the town to its backcountry, followed by Thomas Soyer – President of the Grado Tourism Consortium – with the interesting proposal to bring about a sort of ”arena” at the head of the Alpe Adria cycling road. 

pastedGraphic.png 🚲 Maurizio Ionico, FUC’s Sole Administrator, then illustrated the considerable results  reaped by the trains for cycle tourists, whereas Robert Schuhumann –author of the guide “Alpe Adria’s Cycle Road” – recommended promoting the excellences and “uniquenesses” that Friuli boasts. To finish, Alice Venaruzzo –in charge of the protto bike of FVG’s Promoturismo – illustrated the efforts of Friuli Venezia Giulia Turismo in backing cycle tourism.

pastedGraphic.png🤔 In conclusion, there is a spontaneous question: how can we benefit from all this? How is it possible to ensure that  the entrepreneurs and their land find, as a result of such investments and, in the cycle tourism phenomenon, opportunities for employment, growth  & earnings?

pastedGraphic_1.png💡 That is the challenge facing us from “Amare in Bici“.

Identifying and coordinating the services that already exist on the territory and generating  new ideas!  pastedGraphic_2.png🚲 LET’S MOVE FORWARD!  #AmareInBici

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